1. My new Fall 2014 Sirens campaign is out!

  2. Here is a new men’s story I just shot with styling by Corey Ng and grooming by Claudine Baltazar. Great time in the studio getting back to the roots of it all.

  3. Irving Penn was a photographer that not only challenged the subject, but also was able to find that delicate and precise moment when you can universally relate to someone through image. He was a Maverick. Ahead of his time. In 2014, his style is still mimicked around the world, yet no one has managed to capture his naivité towards the sitter. His minimalist attitude, his delicate lighting, his poetry of the visual. 

    Pablo Picasso - By: Irving Penn


  5. My new campaign for EVE Swimwear - Brazil S/S 2015 is out now! Thanks to an amazing team for making it all happen and see you all very soon!!

  6. Check out my new Marshall’s Summer 2014 campaign that is out now! 

  7. My new ad campaign for Target!!

  8. Here is a Behind the Scenes look at my new ads for TARGET. It was such a pleasure shooting Sarah Stevenson’s collection and thanks to everyone that made this possible.

  9. Here is a Behind the Scenes look at my new Hazelton Lanes S/S 2014 Campaign. Was super fun shooting at Album Studios, and thanks to the whole team that made this all possible. Enjoy!

  10. Here is my new ad for Marshall’s Spring 2014. Thanks to everyone at Studio17, www.17carlaw.com , for providing such an amazing space to shoot in. It’s a sweet little gem in the East End of Toronto.

  11. This hockey spot for me was more of a passion project than anything else. Hockey in Canada is something that every Canadian has experienced in one way or another. I think that we can all relate to what it’s like to breathe in that fresh cold air, strap on some skates, and enjoy the bliss of winter skating on a pond. This is an homage to where hockey in Canada starts….This Is Our Game.  

  12. Here is a Behind the Scenes look at my new Marshall’s 2014 Spring Campaign that is coming out very soon. Keep your eyes peeled around Toronto for this one!! Thanks to my whole team at JK Reps and everyone who did such an amazing job on this. Couldn’t have done it without you!!